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RxPx is an award-winning, globally recognized SaaS platform that simplifies your digital patient services, proves value and helps your brand standout.

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Why RxPx?

Our technology connects patients, healthcare providers, labs and other vendors, creating real-time integration and visibility across the patient journey, while speeding up time to therapy and improving patient safety.

We create unrivaled, real-time insights from complex program data. Our solutions help patients get access to new therapies that can transform lives.

In addition to automating the physician’s workflow and speeding up delivery of therapies to patients, we provide cutting edge app technologies that improve patient outcomes and enable healthcare organizations to deliver personalized and private social support and education to patients.

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RxPx is a SaaS platform designed to streamline and simplify the process of onboarding, supporting and monitoring patients on specialty therapies.

We help life sciences organizations empower doctors with software solutions
that optimize and safeguard patient management while greatly improving patient outcomes by delivering personalized adherence support at scale.

We help life sciences organizations solve these critical problems:

Support Patients at Scale
Supporting patients at scale in a personalized, meaningful way
92% satisfaction rate
Case Study
Ease HCP
Easing the workload of HCPs that need to prescribe and safely monitor complex therapies
74% faster time to treatment
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Differentiate Your
Differentiating brand goals with unparalleled results in adherence, persistence, return on digital investment
83-98% adherence rates
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How It Works

Medical software for HCPs - dashboard

End-to-End Medical Software for HCPs

Help HCPs and patients easily onboard and access therapy. With user-friendly features and an ecosystem, RxPx is simple, secure, scalable and configurable to your program needs.

For unrivalled integration and maximal interoperability, request a demo today
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Healthcare professionals easily enroll and manage patients and their medications via the patient management dashboard and app.

Patients manage their dosing, appointments and access peer networks via the patient app and website.

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Portals Features

  • HCP Interface
  • Support Portal
  • Patient Interface
  • Support Services
  • AE Engine


  • Early access programs (PFP)
  • Lab data – monitoring programs
  • Care Plan
  • EMR
  • PA/BV
  • Wearables
  • Home delivery
  • Nursing (in person/remote)
  • Allied Health Networks
  • Clinic / Hospital
  • Telehealth
  • Home infusion / Injection Support
  • Other 3rd party integration
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Peer-to-Peer Patient Applications

Private, peer to peer patient apps that help you deliver personalized social support, education, coaching, and adherence at scale. Privacy and regulatory compliant and configured to your product needs.

Find out how to easily build your dedicated patient community by booking a workshop with us.

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Find out how to easily build your dedicated patient community by booking a workshop with us.
Personalized peer matchmaking in a private, secure environment tailored to stage of diagnoses.

Personal health tools including medication reminders, side effect and wellness trackers.

Health literacy and education through evidence-based resources, shared learning and live in-app coaching.

Real-time real world evidence that shows ROI and digital spend value.

Data Insights

Track engagement, ROI, adherence, compliance, persistence, health literacy and individually reported trackers. Analytics that give you a competitive edge and help you deliver gold standard support to patients, HCPs, and stakeholders and your organization.

Find out how real-time RWE can impact your ROI.

Find out how real-time RWE can impact your ROI
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Create: Agency Services

Create is your fully dedicated in-house healthcare content and marketing agency that develop award-winning communications, content and creative based on insight, experience, and curiosity specific to your needs.

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Easily deliver best in class therapy management
and patient support.

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Patients and doctors deserve better.

RxPx was designed by patients and doctors to make healthcare easier.

Our suite of products and services are patient centric and specifically designed to help you deliver gold standard support. No complicated integrations, no expensive switch costs, no heavy project management - just seamless end to end solutions that help you deliver the best to your patients and doctors.

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Trusted globally to produce award-winning results

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Discover our best stories and work examples
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