Case Studies

Multi-country, multi-product end-to-end patient support in MS


Client maintains a portfolio of several MS products with varying routes of administration and unique patient journey challenges that look different by country:

• Several products faced complex titration portfolio and patient lack of confidence in self-injection. Rural/remote patients were also unable to access F2F care due to mobility challenges
• National payer required cumbersome genotyping before authorizing treatment, which slowed down product uptake
• Patients required first dose observation and titration navigation


Connect patients with doctors throughout their treatment journey, improving compliance through monitoring and the generation of real-time insights, complemented by a team of registered nurses and automation to assist patient follow up and education

-Onboarding welcome
-Pre-screening and titration/initiation support
-Adherence solution
-Country-specific nurse support approach

-First dose observation support
-Injection training videos, incl. integration
- Pre-screening pathology for genotyping (2x lab integrations;1 bi-directional; 1 via SFTP)
- Home drug delivery, incl. virtual pharmacy integration


83-98% adherence rates across the MS drugs in PSP
74% faster time to treatment, shortened from ~6 weeks to 11-16 days
net promoter score
92% satisfaction rating

HCP Desktop screen with patient informationHCP Portal Pathology results tableHCP portal acreen
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