Data Insights

Deliver Actionable Insights for Patients, Providers and Your Team
Descriptive - Predictive - Prescriptive

Unlock data-driven interventions, and actionable insights in real-time, to help optimize program performance and deliver metrics that matter

Data puzzle
Patient Demographics
Who are your patients and where are they coming from?
Where are your patients in their stage of therapy?
How is the platform being used?
How long are patients in app, and are they returning?
What content is more important to patients and how are they interacting with it?

Mine. Interpret. Measure. Manage.

Leverage daily anonymized patient-level data for real-time KPIs, PIs, adherence tracking and journey interventions​. Organize, correlate and visualize into daily dashboards and prescriptive analytics to inform your decision-making, further your program success, and improve patient return on health outcomes.

Discover Data Insights that are Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive.
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Key Data Points Revealed

Situational insights, proactive management, data triggered interventions

Data screen showing patients daily levels


What is occurring in patients’ daily lives, what support are they using and how are they engaging?


Are patients being successful in their therapy? Overall health? Why?
Data screen showing patient health metrics
Data screen showing patient actions, interventions and content


What actions, interventions or content can be provided to re-align behavior to successful outcomes?


How do you proactively develop a plan for continued success?
Data screen showing patient health metrics

Enable Empowered, Data Driven Conversations Between
Patient and HCP

HCPs looking at patient data

Insights for Patients

Visualize symptoms over-time to understand link between treatment use and outcomes

Benchmark patients to motivate behaviour change

Track progress towards personalized goals

Insights for HCPs

Opportunity to react to patient-level data (e.g. lab results)

Understand cohort-level quality of care

Assess access and affordability for lab coverage and reimbursement